Big Kid Now

by Adam Balbo

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Recorded in Oakland, California, in July 2008. Mixing by Dave Reep.


released August 2, 2008

Adam Balbo: vocals, guitar, keyboard
Michael Loebs: drums, maraca
Jeanne Foss: vocals, whistling (track 6)




Adam Balbo Oakland, California

Get in touch about anything. adambalbo at gmail dot com

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Track Name: Big Kid Now
You’re friends with shepherds; You tend to sheep
You know nothing free comes cheap
You genuflect & hum your hymns
Tomorrow you’ll get up & do it all again
You’re into the past; You know it’s now
You’ve heard a couple different pronunciations of how
You’ve looked at your books; Looked at your movies
Tonight, why don’t you give me your cooties
You’ve met captain sham, even shook the man’s hand
You’d finish my left over green eggs & ham

Oh, wee, ooh, wow
You’re a big kid now

You have a heart, it’s in your chest
On Tuesdays, you put on your Sunday best
You can use a fork, chopsticks, too
Knives, ice cream scoopers, & spoons
You take three times one, divide five by two
You know what Brian Boitano would do
You sit in the front, stand in the back
Call out the crap but you know just when to clap
You can shut your mouth; & hold your horse
You expect no less from me, of course

Oh, wee, ooh, wow
You’re a big kid now
Oh, wee, ooh, wow
You’re a big kid now
Track Name: The Snakemen
As they pee in your pool; or see you step in a pile of dog poo
They’re gonna laugh out loud; & say that they didn’t do it
They’ll peek at your cleavage; & hold you like they mean it
But if you misplace your hope, they’ll shrug their shoulders & say they haven’t see it
They’ll pop all your kernels of corn; & break all your norms
& if you feed them after midnight, they might change forms
they’ll storm the castle greyskull, looking for the secrets of eternia but then
even man-at-arms won’t save you from the snakemen

they’ll bring up the birds without mentioning the bees
& throw a pot of honey on a hot pan of grease
but will they have the decency to leave you a heart with a less-than sign and a three
they’ll huff & puff outside the house made of bricks
& burn effigies of porky the pig; but they don’t know your address to the house of sticks
Track Name: Monkey Goes To Breakfast
Monkey’s in the bedroom changing his mind
Apple’s in the office changing her tune
Neither one had the motivation to change their clothes

Kitten’s on the phone spilling the beans
Wendy’s online spilling virtual ink
Each one was looking for the guts to spill their guts

apple worked hard at breaking the bad news
monkey stood aloof breaking the worst laws
each one thought they had each other there breaking their fall

wendy lent a hand making a mess
helping kitten in the kitchen making breakfast
but monkey woke up late, he was still making his bed

monkey marched to breakfast sticking out his palms
apple, in her mood, she was sticking to her guns
she pointed to kitten who had syrup sticking to her face

monkey snuck away tired of it
kitten sneered back counting on it
but no one, even wendy, could do much about it
Track Name: Pie Or Soup
I like your font
Do you mind if I look at it
Could you please lend me your pants?
I could use a new pair of philosophies
I’m having trouble finishing my se…saying what I mean

Lean forward for me
I’d like to smell your pumpkins
We could make a pie; or we could make soup
we don’t need an alphabet
I cordially invite you to get some food

I think I dropped a bunch of my confidence
Out on Market Street
No one’s turned it in
Probably because they’re no place to turn it in to
If you can’t deliver me from evil, how bout a pizza?
Track Name: Note To Self
Your panda-faced pants
& plaid pajama slacks
will one day wear out from affection
you’re tongue’ll run out of saliva
when your insults don’t inspire ya
so get yourself a new set of distractions
your cosmos is heavier than had been said
& the loudest mouths will scratch their head
you need a new name for perfection

pick a language to lose
pick a new time for your ten o’clock news

when the lion can be proud of all its enemies
nothing but the blue whale & the sea anemone
will make you feel bigger or smaller than you imagine
when your animatronic teddy ruxpin
is both kinda scary & kinda comforting
remember the compartment for the cassette tape
when the dictator gives you nothing to write down
& the benign king fails to impress the town
you need a new name for catastrophe

put on your favorite pair of pants
keep looking for another second chance
Track Name: Stain On My Shirt
The stain on my shirt (what about it?)
Nothing’s broken, nothing’s hurt (so, what is it then?)
It’s just a splotch of ketchup (oh)
The stain itself (show me)
It’s shaped like Missouri
I had to leave right away
So no one would notice

Debbie and tiffany (who?)
They both know (how do they know)
They were there when it happened (I bet they laughed)
They’ve agreed
To let things be the way they are
They’ll keep it a secret, just us three (what about me?)

When I get I get home (from school)
Mom’s gonna know (I bet she’s gonna be pissed)
But she’ll be cool about it
She’ll just have to wash my shirt
Right away (just like every day)